Thursday, March 27, 2014


Welcome to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. I visited last weekend (in March) when many of the exhibits were undergoing construction. If you're visiting during off-season, be sure to pace yourself. If you walk the entire route, you'll find yourself in a long line (with a long wait) for the tram back to the entrance or you'll have to hoof it back on foot. I made that rookie mistake. The zoo is not laid out in a loop as I had expected. The shuttle runs during the spring/summer so this is not an issue then. Despite that glitch, I enjoyed my day exploring the 550 acres.

Can't say I remember what was in the Sonora Desert building ~ snakes and geckos I guess. I was distracted more by the architecture. To be inside, but feel like you're outside, was all pretty cool. I loved the clear, dome-shaped roof.

Welcome to Honey Bee Garden. Kids were lining up to have their photo taken by mom and dad. As an artist, I loved the inside of the honey comb. Very cool patterns, textures and colors. 

I was really pulling for the turtle above. It was having the darndest time pulling itself up on the stump at feeding time. As for the turtle below... nothing like pulling a chair up to the buffet bar. 

Food and drink can be found at various hubs along the route. If you're stopping at the cafeteria, be sure to go at off hours or you'll be fighting long lines and school groups. This was around 2pm when things settled down a bit.

I'll be back with a second installment of the zoo in a few days. Until then, make yourself comfortable.

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