Monday, March 3, 2014


I took a detour from my trip to downtown Charlotte last weekend to check out the sculpture, "Metalmorphasis" located in Whitehall Technology Park.
 I had seen photos of this online, but wanted to see it for myself. It's 22 feet tall and made of 40 stainless steel bands by Czech artist David Cerny. Apparently, sections of the sculpture are supposed to rotate and water spews from its mouth. Not on this visit. It seems to be under repair or perhaps they stop the motion on weekends when no one's at work. Despite that, it was very cool just sitting there still. As you walk around the fountain, the mood and expression of its face changes based on the reflection of the water below, the clouds in the sky and where you're standing. I found a video of this online that shows the sculpture in motion, click here. When asked, the artist describes the sculpture as "something of a self-portrait of his own psyche". 

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