Monday, October 21, 2013

Harvest Season

Indian Corn (or Ornamental Corn) is mostly that - for decorative use only. To see the full North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Chart for "What's in Season", click here

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Day In New Bern

North Carolina locals insisted that I take a day to explore the town of NEW BERN. So at the end of September I did. Here are a few highlights from my day.

Baron Christopher de Graffenried, or the man above with the wig, founded New Bern back in 1710. He wasn't the first to step in the region though — Tuscarora Indians had settled here first.  

Elvis was silent and motionless, but the young woman playing a ukulele just past  Bear Plaza was not. She had the attention of a few pedestrians and dog. She was actually quite good.

Captian Ratty's Seafood Restaurant with rooftop dining.

Having lived in Newport, Rhode Island (a few blocks from Narragansett Bay and a mile from the Atlantic Ocean), I grew accustomed to living by the water. I didn't think I had missed it as much as I had until I stumbled upon the Northwest Creek Marina in New Bern.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Birthplace of Pepsi

NEW BERN is the birth place of Pepsi. I felt a bit like a traitor walking in being a loyal Diet Coke girl myself, but it was fun to see where that "other" drink was first concocted. (

A Place for Reflection

One of the other landmarks of historical downtown NEW BERN, besides City Hall next door, is the Christ Episcopal Church founded in 1715. I can't say I've personally visited an outdoor chapel before, but I found it quite peaceful and inviting. The Spanish moss hanging overhead provided a buffer of sorts from the harsh midday sun. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Bern's Bears

NEW BERN is crazy about bears! Walking around town, I thought they were just adopting another public arts project like every other town in America. I've seen pigs and horses elsewhere, but these were my first bear sightings. When I stumbled on Bear Plaza in the historic downtown, I quickly realized this was more to this bear connection... apparently "Bern" in German means bear. Mystery solved.